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Granite is formed by magma that cools very slowly into hard rock below or within the Earths crust. The coloring of granite stone is not uniform, it may be predominantly black or white or a variety of grays, pinks and red. Granite Slabs and Granite Tiles can be put to a large variety of uses like flooring of interiors, construction of monuments and memorials, manufacturing of kitchen platform, sink, pillars, decorative slabs, etc. We are wholesale suppliers and exporters of Granite Slabs and Granite Tiles from India. Read More...
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What Are Granite Countertops: ?
Granite is a super tough stone that is formed from volcanic magma. Granite has earned a reputation as a great building stone. It ranges in color, but is known for how beautiful it is, especially for countertops. Granite countertops are gorgeous additions to a home, with each piece like a unique work of art. Because granite is available in so many colors, homeowners have many options to choose from. Granite is also very durable and resists heat. This makes it great for kneading dough, making roll-out cookies, and other tasks that need a cool countertop for best results.
Granite countertops are an investment in your home. To ensure that they continue to look great and improve the value of your home for years, follow a proper maintenance schedule. Learning the best ways to remove stains, seal the stone and clean it on a daily basis will keep your granite in its just installed state.
Water Spill Test
Once you've sealed your counter, test it to be sure that it is adequately sealed. As a test, spill a little water on your countertop and leave it set. After 30 minutes, wipe it up. If the water leaves your counter darkened, the granite is not sufficiently sealed.
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